Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Easter Rite" (1916)

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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Kustodiev, who managed to combine classical traditions with the national ideal of folk art in his work, did not refuse the innovations created by modernism and impressionism. The canvas is filled with bright light contrasts and the sophistication of the decorative stylization of the external form. The artist seems to express admiration for the disappearing fair and merchant culture of the people. The theme of public holidays is reflected in many works of the author.

The painting depicts a folk church tradition of kissing during Easter greetings. The plot takes place in a merchant's house. A young girl kisses a man who is suitable for her fathers by age. It gives him pleasure: a facial expression touched. The viewers do not see the girl’s faces, but her embarrassment is noticeable, which the artist emphasizes with pink skin.

Carefully written out the details to which the painter has a special relationship. The merchant is dressed in a top long caftan of black color, shod in shiny polished boots. A straight hair and a beard also indicate his social status. The girl on the occasion of the holiday is dressed in an elegant red silk dress with black lace trim, which is decorated with a white lace collar. The fair-haired brown hair on the head is covered with a flirty hat. The outfit of the young lady is complemented by a painted bright shawl with fringe in pink and greenish-yellow tones over her shoulders.

The man has already prepared an Easter gift for delivery - a colored egg, which he holds in his hand. The table is laid out in a festive way: it has all the dishes traditional for Easter. Two Easter cakes decorated with flowers flaunt, and a curd Easter sanctified by custom. Nearby is a large dish with a whole slide of eggs painted in different colors. Roasted pig and waa with black caviar speak of wealth in the house. Near the wall with patterned blue wallpaper and a picture hanging above, a whole battery of home liqueurs lined up on the table. All items are painted with naturalistic accuracy.

The painting of the monumentally depicted festive folk rite combines the popular traditions with the highest museum classics. The viewer is fascinated by the provincial atmosphere of folk rites and rituals.

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