Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Amanita"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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The painting "Amanita" refers to the genre of study - sketching, which has some sense of incompleteness. Indeed, it comes to mind as if the artist painted it in quick strokes under the fleeting impression of the untouched nature: its diversity, spontaneity, richness of colors.

The main "heroes" of the picture - a family of fly agarics, located in the thicket of the forest. Each mushroom differs in size, shape of the hat, color saturation. These features give them character. Young mushrooms are strong and perky, with an elastic fleshy hat and snow-white specks. In old-timers, you can notice signs of wilting, breaks.

The surrounding forest is fuzzy and blurry, with a deliberate omission of small details and realism. This creates a wonderful background and favorably sets off a group of fly agarics. Compared to grass and trees, it is depicted carefully and vividly. Such a contrast attracts attention and delights.

Oil paints amazingly convey density, complex structure and natural color of the forest. It seems that just about you can breathe in the fragrant smell of foliage and feel the wet coolness of the thicket.

The forest has always been a rich "canvas" for Russian folk tales. There was evil in him, and valiant heroes fought their fears and defeated evil. Amanita, in turn, is a frequent attribute of witchcraft, conspiracies and transformations.

It is this feeling that the picture creates. The viewer suddenly finds himself in a fabulous, unreal space where a secret is hiding. The picture resembles a vision or dream, enchantments cast by mysterious forest inhabitants, poisonous mushrooms and berries.

The canvas is a pearl among the works by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin and takes pride of place in the Tretyakov Gallery. The painting conveys the artist’s love for his homeland, his ability to see and understand the meek beauty of Russian nature.

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