Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Warship"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The sea is the element of Aivazovsky. Aivazovsky did not hesitate to express his thoughts on the canvas, he let go of his imagination when he stood behind an easel. On the canvas, he tried to portray what appeared before his inner gaze.

Aivazovsky since childhood tried to draw - at first it was an attempt to paint a whole scene with coal on the walls of white houses. After spending all his childhood in Crimea (the artist was born in Feodosia), he loved the sea from the cradle. Therefore, it is not surprising that he splashed out all his love for the water element on the canvas.

Aivazovsky is rightfully considered a maestro of tone. As a young man, learning the canons of schools of European painting, he imposes his own, natural, decorative flair on them. Thanks to the resulting unity, the painter Aivazovsky manages to get that saturation of the atmosphere, the transmission of light and air, and achieve harmony of color.

In the picture “Warship” we see a calm sea surface, a boat with people who sail towards the shore. The artist managed to convey the calmness of the picture to his viewer. In the distance we see another ship in the fog.

The painter Aivazovsky painted all his paintings from memory, making only small sketches with a pencil. His workshop should always be as quiet as possible. Nothing was to distract the master from work. The great artist said that it is impossible to convey the movement of the elements, sketching it from nature. The master must capture a gust of wind, lightning and bursts of waves in his memory.

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