Description of Marc Chagall's painting “Music”

Description of Marc Chagall's painting “Music”

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Theater and music for the artist Marc Chagall became sources of great inspiration for the implementation of the best creative works. Chagall was of Jewish origin, and therefore, traditionally from childhood, the future painter was instilled with a love of music and art in general. He grew and absorbed this atmosphere of admiration for musical creations. In the future, leaving his home, he retained in his heart a spiritual attachment to the musical sphere. This ultimately significantly affected the nature of his paintings.

The canvas "Music" was written in 1920. A large figure in the center of the composition is a violinist. Chagall often chose the image of a violinist to represent the musician. This is due to the origin of the artist. It was the violinist who always accompanied the Jewish family at any significant event: at holidays, weddings and funerals.

The painter Chagall writes not an ordinary violinist. The whole picture to the extreme seems to the viewer bright and avant-garde. First of all, the figure of the musician is depicted extremely large. The violinist rests his feet on the roofs of small houses. The background is almost lost with such a contrast. The man has a bright purple cloak, the violin stands out in a flaming orange color, and what is most unusual is that the hero's face has a rich green tint.

If you look at the background of the picture, even more questions will appear. Elements of urban buildings are depicted unfinished. There are several small figures of people and animals who are clearly passionate about the violinist dancing on the roof. A man hovering in the sky completely unravels the mind used to realism.

Marc Chagall perfectly portrayed the triumph of music. His colorful musician violinist looks dynamic. He conveys to the audience in an unknown way powerful energy. This is a symbol of the rebirth of a person by understanding art.

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