Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev "Christmas"

Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev

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Rublev's icon of the Nativity of Christ was written on a linden chopped board. At present, we can say that the colorful layer of the work is significantly lost, in many places gaps and highlights are noticeable, the background gold is almost wiped out. On the icon you can see the holes from the nails, filled with wax. Especially a lot of them next to the head of a small child in a manger, on the wings of angels.

All events take place against the backdrop of yellow-green mountains. The landscape seems incredibly light and airy. And in the center is the Mother of God herself. She is slightly inclined to the right, leaning her head on her hand, she looks somewhere to the side. Her pose seems relaxed, relaxed. The bed in shape seems to repeat the smooth outlines of her image. And the scarlet color in the picture is everywhere combined with a dark green grassy hue. So two rich colors seem to reinforce each other.

The color scheme of the icon of the Nativity of Christ in many ways resembles the tone combinations of the icon of Descent into Hell, where the theme of the festival is vividly reflected. But still, you should not pay much attention to such a coincidence, since the color schemes of each icon are always unique. The Mother of God’s bed is decorated with stripes and embossed gold near her head. A little higher, close to the bed of Our Lady, a manger in gray-green and olive shades is depicted.

In them lies a newborn baby wrapped in white delicate fabrics. Everything indicates that the birth of this particular baby is the source of joy for all people depicted on the icon. All heroes are turned towards the cradle with the born Christ.

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