Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Walk”

Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Walk”

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The famous painter of the nineteenth century, the founder of critical realism, Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov was fond of drawing from early childhood, but did not consider his hobby as a talent, he did not see himself as an artist. He served, like many nobles, in St. Petersburg, except for drawing, was fond of other forms of art - he played excellent guitar, performed romances. In an effort to develop his artistic skills, he took lessons from teachers from the Imperial Academy of Arts, according to contemporaries, made great strides.

Fedotov’s small picture is difficult to attribute to any particular genre; rather, it can be called a sketch of a scene from his personal life, leisure time spent in the circle of close people, which it was so rare to realize due to long service. A walk in a narrow family circle: the artist himself, his sister and father took place in 1837, along one of the busy Moscow streets.

Some disproportion of figures, clothes, lack of prospects is explained at that time by the relatively low mastery of the artist by all kinds of techniques. Later works by Fedotov are more realistic, the images depicted by him do not look as “puppet” as, say in the picture “Walk”.

The question arises: why did Fedotov decide to sketch this particular meeting? Why is she so dear to the artist? The fact is that because of the intensive service, the artist was very limited in time, which he could spend with his relatives and relatives, also he could not surrender to the work in full, which greatly dominated him.

Fedotov portrays himself in the full dress uniform of an officer of the Life Guards of the Finnish Regiment. One can still recognize green leaves in the background, but passers-by are dressed in autumn warmth. The artist found a place for a warm meeting with his relatives at the beginning of the golden autumn.

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