Description of the Soviet poster “Everything for the front! All for victory! ”

Description of the Soviet poster “Everything for the front! All for victory! ”

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The Great Patriotic War is a whole era for our country. These difficult years have shown how powerful our country is. The war rallied all the Russian people, no one remained indifferent around the world.

Despite all the lawsuits, harsh conditions, endless battles, hopeless days, we were able to survive, prove our strength and glory. We celebrate Victory Day on a grand scale every year. This is the time when the whole country unites, celebrates and recalls those harsh times when our people did not give their native lands to the enemy.

At such a terrible time, it was very important for the country to support the soldiers morally. Of course, all over the planet they know the power of the Russian “Hurray !!!”. The Soviet authorities did everything they could.

Posters were posted all over the country that said that for the front we should give everything that we have. They called for industrial plants to operate at full capacity, which made the most powerful tanks, planes, and ammunition. They shouted to help everyone. And they reproached those who had not yet helped the soldiers on such a difficult path to victory.

One of the posters of the series “Everything for the front! Everything for victory! ”, Which was created in the difficult year of 1942 by Lisitsyn, shows us simple working Russian people who created great equipment.

Behind their backs is the city, as if to say that its future lies precisely with such simple workers, it depends on their clear, correct actions and achievements at work. Everyone helped as they could - both old and small. People were ready to give everything and give.

Factories sewed clothes, old people raised food in the gardens, girls, boys, men and women went into battle. Our warriors have proved that we are the bravest and strongest nation. And now they know about it all over the world, and our status as a great power remains unshakable. Of course, all these actions led our country to the greatest victory in history.

Soviet posters are a powerful moral support. People simply could not help but correspond to what the country expected from them.

Painting by Leonardo da Vinci Madonna Benoit

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