Description of the painting by Rembrandt "The Abduction of Europe"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt

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Many artists were worried about the mythological story about the abduction by the insidious Zeus of beautiful Europe. The Dutchman Rembrandt shows the audience his vision of a famous myth.

"The Abduction of Europe" was written back in 1632. The young painter was influenced by the master of black and white contrasts - Caravaggio. In the picture, highly illuminated areas are clearly distinguishable. This is a girl disappearing in the depths of the sea with a bull and her two terrified friends on the shore. Rembrandt highlighted the key figures of the plot.

A distinctive feature of the execution of the myth by the Dutch master is the filling of the picture with rich emotional content, while the philosophical intent itself goes to the secondary plan.

The plot traditional for Italian painting is familiar to almost everyone. Girl Europe sees a disturbing dream of separation from her native lands.

Having woken up and dismissed an unpleasant night vision, she goes with her friends for a walk in a flower field. There, a strong Zeus falls in love with her. He decides to lure the girl with cunning - turns into a bull.

With a peaceful disposition, he enchants his girlfriends and lures Europe to sit on his back. Then he scoots toward the shore and dives into the waves like a fish.

The abducted beauty, in horror, glances back to the girls who have remained on the earth. Those wring their hands in fear and numb with surprise. Subsequently, a successful life awaits her, but now only panic and indignation can wield her soul.

Rembrandt's work is superbly detailed. Huge trees, grass, bushes are written with great care. A lot of attention is paid to the clothes of the heroines: dresses embroidered with gold shimmer with pearly sheen.

Minor figures - the cabman and the lady are infected with the same emotions of general panic. In the distance, city buildings disappear in a foggy haze, residents are not aware of an extraordinary phenomenon happening nearby.

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