Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Portrait of Natalia Kochubey”

Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Portrait of Natalia Kochubey”

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Before us is a magnificent pencil drawing. He is very correct and at the same time unusual. Feels special brightness and incredible vibrancy of all colors. In everything you can see the special skill of Kiprensky, his special taste and outstanding mind.

Before us is a fully formed style. The format of the creation is small, the background is densely shaded, and then a small tint is applied using pastel.

We feel a real painter who understands the background not as a plane of a closing character, but as a special space.

The light figure is located on a dark background. This environment around the figure is filled with a huge amount of sounds. It resonates in a special way.

Kochubey is graceful. In this way, she is really able to conquer everyone. We feel that the girl’s manners are really good. She received an excellent upbringing, and her origin is noble.

The whole picture is filled with a special movement. It seems that the girl turned to some kind of call. Kiprensky loved such scenes. It was this manner of depiction that became the leitmotif of all his portraits.

Kiprensky creates this magnificent portrait in 1813. At this time, the heroine turned 12 years old. But already those features are felt that subsequently will so impress Pushkin himself. Kochubey's young face is very beautiful. Eyes are bright and clear. The forehead is clean and tall. Dark hair is neatly combed back. Before us is a really beautiful clean creature.

Kiprensky depicts a teenage girl. But you can already feel her special majesty and genuine grace. It is no coincidence that later she will become a real legislator of secular receptions.

We see Natalia Kochubey in a home dress. His ribbons are deliberately not tied, so the beauty of the neck is not hidden. Kiprensky writes a girl in half a turn. Discontent is read on her face. But such an expression does not spoil her at all.

Kiprensky managed to convey the vitality and mobility of the heroine. Before us is a true masterpiece of a true master.

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