Description of the painting by Marc Chagall "Model"

Description of the painting by Marc Chagall

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M. Shagal painted the painting "Model" in 1910. During this period, he already lived in Paris and began to work in the direction of cubism. The style of the painting is different from the artist’s inherent surrealism.

On the canvas depicts a girl painting a picture. She is enthusiastically busy with her business. The lady is dressed smartly and in the latest Parisian fashion of the time. The decoration of the room is difficult to see, but you can see the carpet on the wall with an ornament characteristic of Russian folklore. Perhaps, in this way, the artist pays tribute to his homeland.

Although it is difficult to consider the details to the smallest detail, nevertheless the lady is financially secure, the image is chic and luxurious. Drawing at that time was a rare activity for a woman, and the lessons of this type of hobby were expensive. So, the model was provided, such a festive outfit for her was everyday. The girl is relaxed and calm from her pose.

The color scheme of the picture is not so calm. M. Shagal's favorite colors were red and green. All this work is done in red shades, which indicates the anxiety of the artist. This color was associated with his birthday. Even as a child, living in Vitebsk, a little boy witnessed a terrible fire. Then the child miraculously escaped, but since then the artist has signaled danger and alarm in red. Apparently he was anxious, because just at that time M. Shagal only moved to France from St. Petersburg.

The overall impression of the picture is sad. It is impossible to make out the facial features of the girl. It seems that the author himself did not imagine exactly how his model should look. Maybe the artist wanted to finalize the picture later. The hand is brightly highlighted with dark colors, all the attention of the contemplator is concentrated on it. Apparently, the girl’s occupation, namely her skill, is of great importance in her work. Maybe this is exactly how M. Shagal imagined the model of his work, alarming, but talented.

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