Description of Raphael Santi's painting “The Beautiful Gardener” (Madonna and Child with John the Baptist)

Description of Raphael Santi's painting “The Beautiful Gardener” (Madonna and Child with John the Baptist)

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Rafael created this picture when he was already a recognized master. The audience still faces the very young Virgin Mary. Her whole image creates a feeling of calm and peace.

Raphael portrays the beautiful Mother of God, her Infant and little John the Baptist. These three figures become an organic complement to the landscape. They seem to be dissolved in it. Raphael prefers to write out all the details of this magnificent landscape. He pays attention not only to the mountains in the distance, but also to plants and the walls of the city. All of them attract our attention.

The Mother of God embodies two views on beauty. She is beautiful not only externally, but also spiritually. On her face you can read an incredible love for her son. She is all shining from this immeasurable happiness. In the infant's eyes, one can read the same love for mother. At the same time, it merges with boundless devotion.

Virgin Mary holds Christ slightly, who gullibly leaned against her knee. He held out his hand to take a book. This motif was traditional for a similar composition. The views of mother and baby overlap. On the right we see John. In his hands is a rod with a cross. He also looks at Christ. Above the heads of the figures, you can see slightly noticeable halo.

Rafael pays maximum attention to all the details. He deliberately saturates the canvas with various details. At first glance, it might seem that they are absolutely superfluous here. But it is they who hold our attention. Surprising freshness and harmony of colors. Maria's dress is bright red. This color was traditional for the image of the clothes of the Virgin.

A cloak of a juicy green hue and a landscape of golden tones merges smoothly with a transparent blue sky. Children's figures stand out against a dark background. The whole picture creates a feeling of lightness. It is as if saturated with light. It seems that this light emanates from her, conveying a joyful mood to the audience.

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